Is putting on the Kozy easy? Yes!! For some they get it the first time with no help. Others need more practice, but before long you will find you can do it in seconds no problem. Before putting baby in the first time make sure s/he is fed, changed and happy. Some babies protest to being worn on the back at first so I suggest a nice walk outside.

The straps can go either over baby's shoulders or under his arms. Some little ones really protest to the straps going over their arms and they prefer more freedom. They will need to be positioned higher in the fabric for the straps to be under the arms (this can be done by folding the bottom up). My daughter loves being covered in fabric as you will see in most of the pictures on this site (if I position her arms out she is always trying to put them in ;-) Having the straps positioned over his shoulders will not only hold him more securely (and provide head support) but will also be more comfortable for you as he is being held closer to your body. Should you desire baby higher in the fabric and are having trouble getting him there, try folding or rolling the bottom up a bit before tying the waist straps on. You may also need/want to fold up the bottom to wear a newborn.

The Kozy was made to be worn snugly. The straps should be pulled and tied firmly. Don't be afraid to make it tight. A loose carrier will leave baby hanging too low and will not hold him firmly. This will also result in discomfort for you. The higher and tighter the carrier is the more comfortable it will be.

How the Kozy Works

Your Kozy consists of two shorter straps that go around your waist and two longer straps that go over your shoulders and cross in the back (for front carry) or go under your arms OR cross in the front (for back carry).

If your carrier has a pocket this will be on the outside with the smooth fabric facing baby. If your carrier is one color then placing the stitching inside (facing baby’s back) is more aesthetically pleasing. If your carrier is reversible then you choose which side you want to be more visible.
How you choose to tie the straps is up to you. I recommend a square knot because it will not accidentally come undone like a bow will. However, a bow is easier to untie. I do not however recommend tying the shoulder straps in a bow when you have baby on your back simply because they are not visible to you at the time and you may not know should they accidentally come untied. Safety is always most important.

Once you get the feel of the Kozy you will find that you can place baby lower in the fabric to provide better head support, or higher to allow him to reach his hands out to play with toys etc. The curved head support can also be folded down when not needed to allow baby a better view.
from our customers demonstrating various carries.
The first thing I want to say is that keeping your baby safe is your responsibility. By reading and using these instructions you are agreeing to this. I will provide you with some pictures and suggestions for ways you can wear your Kozy and how to get your little one in there snugly. These instructions work because I have personally tried them all myself. However, it is your responsibility to use them with caution and to take extra measures to ensure that they are safe when putting them in and wearing them in any baby sling. 

Kozy Carrier Front Carry
Start off by taking the short straps and tying them around your waist. Here you see Charlie doing this at left. He has chosen a reversible carrier and is putting it on where the print is on the inside.

You should tie the straps snugly as your waist will hold a bulk of baby’s weight.

Pick baby up and hold her with one hand on your front with her legs around your waist (left).  

While supporting your child with one hand reach down with the other to pull the carrier up between baby’s legs and over her body placing the shoulder straps over each of your shoulders (left).

Check to see that the carrier is smooth against baby’s legs for her comfort. Still supporting your baby with one hand reach behind you and gather both of the shoulder straps with the other hand.

At this point you have baby’s weight  secure with the shoulder straps you are holding so you can leg go of baby and reach around with your other hand to grab a strap. 

Cross the straps, trying not to let them twist for your comfort (right). 

Once you have crossed the straps bring them back around to tie either under baby’s butt (my preference as I think it provides more weight support) or around their back (might be better for a smaller baby).  

TIP: Baby should not be hanging low but sitting up higher on your chest. This may require you to pull on the straps a bit and give a little wiggle to get the carrier up higher. Or push baby and carrier up a bit with the one hand before reaching around to the back to cross the straps.

TIP: To ensure that baby is up high enough and that the carrier is tight enough to be extra comfortable, I have found it helpful to give a little bounce as I  pull the straps together and the knot tight. 
Front Facing Out in your Kozy
babies with head control and up
I don't think Asian type carriers were designed to use with your little one front facing out. But despite it not being in their design, it *can* be done with the Kozy and is possible to do without while still supporting their weight through their bum and back, by keeping their legs up and bum low . . . the most natural position. Personally I don't find it as comfy as the standard back carry or the front facing in and I recommend parents use this position sparingly, so that baby gets used to also facing in as that is generally more comfy for the wearer for longer term use.

Start the same way you did with the front facing in position. Tying the short straps around your waist, deciding whether or not you want to fold it to make the body shorter.

You can either leave their legs out or in.  In both cases, you will want baby to be in a more natural sitting position, so you will want to rotate their hips forward, so they are leaning back against you, with their bum down and knees up (notice 2 finished pictures above).  This distributes the weight better and, if baby's legs are out, will not leave the fabric to cut into their thighs (because the weight is on their bum, with no pressure points).
When their legs are in in, they should be in a crossed or froggy position. Just experiment to see what way works best for you and your little one.  If their legs are out, you may want to scrunch the fabric together a bit to make it more narrow if needed.

Bring your Kozy body and straps up and over your shoulders. Grab them in back and, placing one hand under your child, the other holding the straps behind you, pull down on the straps while pushing up, this will allow you to get baby higher and take up the slack in the straps.

Bring the straps around front and then tie in front of your child. They tend to be a bit top heavy in this position and tying it in front of them as opposed to under it makes it more secure.  

If baby is not positioned well, reach in and holding their hips, rotate their hips forward so that they are leaning back against you with their bum down.

It may feel a bit odd at first to have baby positioned this way, but it really is a more natural and comfy position for them, as opposed to their legs hanging straight down and all their weight resting on their tailbone and spine.
Kozy Carrier Hip Carry
Keep in mind that I am 7 months pregnant in these pictures ;-)
Start by tying the short straps of the Kozy on your hip.

Take baby on your hip and pull the body up like you would with the other carries.

The strap on the front side of your body should cross your body and go over your opposite shoulder (right).  Make sure you are holding baby snug with your other hand.

Leaving that front strap to drape over your shoulder, grab the strap on your back side.  It should go under baby's arm and cross your back.  At this point you should be able to let go of baby to grab the other strap (bottom left).

Now you can do one of two things.  I prefer to bring the back strap across my waist to meet up with the front strap to tie over baby's legs and either under the bum or behind the back (top right and bottom right).  Or you can bring the back strap back around your opposite shoulder with the front strap and bring it across your front to meet the other strap to tie under baby.

If your baby has slipped down some make sure to hoist them back up and give a pull on the straps (maybe with a wiggle) to take up any slack, they should be snugly at your hip.

There is really no right or wrong.  However you choose to tie it, as long as it is comfy and baby is safe and secure, that is all that matters.
Kozy Carrier Back Carry
Keep in mind that I am 7 months pregnant in these pictures ;-)
Yes, yes, yes, you can put baby on your back by yourself anywhere!! There are several different ways to get your baby on your back. I will talk about a few of them.

You might feel more comfortable doing this while standing up against a table or a sofa. Tie the carrier around your waist with the body hanging down behind you. Pick baby up and hold her on your hip. 

Lean over as you slide her around to your back and get her positioned. You can also have an older child stand on a sofa or table etc. while you back up to them hoisting them on your back. Still bending over keep one hand on your child while grabbing the carrier body with the other hand.  

Still bending over keep one hand on your child while grabbing the carrier body with the other hand. Pull the carrier up through baby’s legs and over her back placing the 2 straps over your shoulders. Still bending over grab the straps, one in each hand and pull them to take up any slack in the carrier (you might also feel to ensure the carrier is not folded under baby’s legs and that her legs are not stuck in the fabric).  

Holding the straps firmly stand up. At this point I like to pull the straps up and give a little wiggle to take up any extra slack in the fabric and ensure that baby is snugly down in the carrier. 

Bring the straps over your shoulders keeping them snug and either cross them on your chest or bring them under your arms and around to the front. You can either tie the straps over the bum and legs, under the bum and legs, or behind the back. Each distributes the weight differently and some prefer one way over the other.
Scroll down to see the full instructions, or pick a "Quick Link" below for a specific carry.
You might feel more comfortable putting your baby on your back this way if you are using your Kozy for the first time and are a bit timid and/or have no one to help. However I feel it is a bit harder to get baby in a good position doing it this way (at least it is for me). Soon you will find yourself able to toss your baby on your back and tie her on, by yourself, anywhere and anytime.

Place the carrier on a sofa or chair with the longer straps at the top and the shorter straps at the bottom (left). Position baby on the carrier leaving a bit of room at the bottom to tie it on your waist (perhaps placing baby’s bottom about ¼ of the way up). Once you think you have your baby in a good place sit in front of him and bring the waist straps around your waist and tie them.

Making sure the carrier is between baby’s legs and that his legs are coming out of each side of the carrier, bring it up and over his back as you lean over (still sitting) and lift him onto your back with one hand and placing the straps over each shoulder with the other hand. Grabbing the straps in each hand stand up.  

TIP: If baby is sitting too low on your back you can either use one hand to raise him *and* the carrier up while you pull with the straps with the other hand, (this will raise both baby and carrier) or, you can take a strap in each hand and gently bounce while you pull the carrier tighter (this is likely to move baby further up on your back but also further into the fabric of the carrier).

I do like to give a pull on the straps and a wiggle to ensure that baby is nice and tight.  A tighter carrier will be more comfortable. Continue to follow instructions for tying carrier as stated in back carry above.
Kozy Back Carry - using a sofa or chair

High Back Carry with your Kozy
Keep in mind that I am 7 months pregnant in these pictures ;-)
This carry probably doesn't work great for everyone. So far I have heard lots of positive feedback from those who have tried it with both big and small babies. It does put all the weight on your back/shoulders so that is why I think it may not work well for everyone. I am not sure if it would work for men,  I have yet to test that.  ;-)  However for those who want another option or whose little one wants to see over your shoulder it is a great carry!!  
1. Start by tying the waist straps above the breasts. Make sure it is tied snugly!!

2. Pick up baby and put them on your back. You can do this while sitting on a bed or sofa if you are a bit uneasy. I like to slide them over the shoulder to ensure they are high up.

3. Making sure to keep one hand on your child, use the other hand to pull the Kozy body up and over and to throw the straps over your shoulders. When you have both straps held securely in one hand, you can then let go of your kid.

4. Now you can either bring the straps under your arms back pack style, or you can cross them. You may try tucking them under the waist straps to hold them in place should you choose to cross them.  You just have to experiment on what works best for you. Make sure to give a bounce and take up the slack to keep your kid up high!!

5-6. You can either cross the straps over your baby's bum and body and bring them back around front, or you can cross the straps under your child's legs/body and bring them to front.

7-8. You can either tie the straps above your chest or around your waist.
This carry probably takes a bit longer to learn and get the hang of.  When I first started doing it a few months ago I found that one time I would get it right on, then the next time it just didn't work.  And don't even ask about the first time I tried it when out LOL!!  But with a little practice I had it down easy!!  So I encourage you to keep trying.

Tip: I had someone suggest tying the straps under your breasts (high on your ribcage) as an alternative to tying above your breasts.  This might work best for some!!
Nursing in your Kozy
It is possible to nurse in your carrier when you wear your baby in the front carry (I do it often).  If you are able, it may be possible to simply lift your breast up to baby.  If not, you can untie your straps to lower baby down a bit (re-tying them) to allow her to nurse.  When she is finished simply lift her up and retie the straps.  You can also lower one of the shoulder straps to allow baby access to the breast in a more reclined position (you will need to support her with one arm).  This is especially nice with a smaller baby.
Kozy Newborn Carry
Yes, you can wear your newborn or tiny baby in the Kozy (I have put a newborn on my back in the high back carry but I will only give info for the front carry here). I was a bit skeptical at first cause I had never tried it. After hearing from others who tried with younger babies, and after doing it with my newborn at 1 day of age, I was convinced that it is a good option for a 2 shoulder carry with a newborn. It is still probably not as easy as a popable carrier like a stretchy wrap or a one shoulder sling, but it does work well! In these pictures I am doing it with my 3 week old.

The first thing you might want to do is to make the body smaller. With any baby that is smaller or younger, you may choose to put them in with their legs inside (froggy style). This is simply cause it keeps them in a more curled up position that they were use to in the womb, plus they are too small to wrap their legs around you. Since their legs are inside, taking up more of the body of the carrier, you may choose not to fold the bottom at all, or only once (as I have in the pictures). This will place them deeper in the fabric and give them more support. Then proceed to put them in as you would the regular front carry.

If you find you are having trouble supporting your baby and getting the Kozy up and positioned, then try doing it while sitting down (on a chair, bed, seat of your car etc.). It is mandatory that you tie the shoulder straps behind their back rather then under them. This provides more support plus it helps to close the gaps on the sides. It is important to remember to check the straps regularly to ensure that they are not riding up and are no where near your baby's neck.
Making the Kozy body shorter
Folding up the body to make it smaller is necessary for a newborn or smaller baby, so that they won't get lost in the fabric. And it can be a lifesaver for those with little ones who hate to be buried in the fabric and fuss and fuss until their arms are free (not many kids are this way, but some are).

Simply fold or roll the bottom of the body up towards the inside. You may need to experiment to find out how much you need to fold it. Then simply tie it on as usual. Make sure those waist straps are snug (as they should be anyway) so it doesn't come unfolded.
Your baby will be safely tucked into your Kozy while you have both hands free. This carrier is designed to hold baby securely. However, it is your responsibility to keep your baby safe while wearing them in this carrier. Take extra precautions when doing things like stooping, squatting, etc. Your little one in your carrier is like an extension of your body. Be mindful of that when you walk through narrow doors, around corners etc. Remember that your baby is able to reach out and grab things while in the carrier (and often will). Check your knots and straps often to be sure that the carrier is tied properly and that baby is not entangled in the straps. Inspect it often before use and do not use if the seams or fabric are ripping or if it is worn. 
TIP: The Kozy is made so that it will hold your baby's sleeping head, but also allow arm and head movement when your child gets older. If you find that your infants head is not being held  as close to you as you would like, there are a few things you can try to bring them a bit closer.

- First, make sure that you have the straps pulled nice and tight so that all 
    the slack is taken up
- If you spread the straps wider on your shoulders it will pull the top in 
   a bit closer to baby's head
- If might also be able to take the straps where they come out of the body 
  and flip them (and the corner of the body) towards the outside
 (overlapping the print front) this will make the top area of the Kozy more
 narrow and bring it in closer to baby's head.  
- Finally, the best option is to fold or roll up a recieving blanket or cloth
  and place it inside behind baby's head and the Kozy body (making sure
  baby's face is not covered). This holds baby's head nice and secure and takes up any extra space.
My 3 week old is nursing in this picture. Though you can't really tell, take my word for it.  ;-)
15 month old nursing
Front Carry
I like to untie the waist straps first. If they come undone and I have the shoulder straps tied over baby's bum and legs then baby is still being held securely. That way I can untie the shoulder straps and baby and the carrier are both free from my body (rather then me having to untie the waist while trying to hold baby).

Back Carry
I have found it easiest to untie the straps and ease baby off my back while sitting on a sofa. If that is not possible then you just do the reverse of what you did when you put baby on your back. Untie the straps as mentioned above then, bending over, support baby while the carrier is removed. You can then grab baby and ease her around to your front.

If baby needs to be gotten out of the carrier in a hurry then you can simply lower the straps off of your shoulders and take baby out (without uniting anything). I often do this when out. If you are able to hold on to the straps (or put them back on temporarily while baby is out) it is sometimes possible to put baby back into the carrier without having to take it off and retie (help would be needed for the back carry).  

Wearing Kozy Sans Baby
It is possible to wear the Kozy without baby inside. You can keep the waist straps tied and simply fold up the body and wrap the shoulder straps around your waist and tie. That way it looks like a wide belt. Yes, you will have to retie and adjust the shoulder straps when you want to put baby back in, but at least you can keep it on your body when baby is not inside (and it doesn't look too awkward.  ;-)
Taking your baby out of your Kozy
Quick Links
I recommend you have another person handy when trying the Kozy for the first time. If that is not possible then standing next to a sofa or table might give you a bit of extra support. A wall mirror is also handy when needing to see behind your back. These things are however not necessary and you might find their suggestion even a bit silly once you get the hang of putting your baby on.

Some Things to Remember
Back Carry using the Shoulder Toss
This is an especially good way to get a wiggly baby on your back, or if you need more control but have no place to sit down.  Can also be very quick.  
Works for all ages above newborn
Start with your little one either sitting, standing or lying.  Taking your Kozy by the top, long straps, place it behind your baby with the straps under his arms.  Grabbing the straps together under his arms, very firm and snug (leaving no space for him to slide out) pick up your child in the Kozy body and gently swing him around your side up over your shoulder and onto your back.  Again make sure to hold the straps very firmly and snug.
Bend over to let baby's weight lie on your back. Then keeping the straps very snug, take one of them over your head so that you have both straps in their proper place over your shoulders. Baby should still be held firmly on your back by the straps under his arms.  
Place the straps firmly between your knees to hold them in place.  Reach back and grab the body at the bottom straps. Take it between baby's legs and fold it up and under their bum, to make the pouch for them to sit in.  Then tie the straps firmly around your waist.
Once you have the waist straps tied, you can go ahead and tie the shoulder straps, either crossing them in front or taking them backpack as shown. If you would prefer baby's arms under the straps, this can be done by simply moving each strap down and out from under baby's arm, one at a time.  
Make sure you remember to hold the straps up and do a bounce and wiggle to work baby down in the body, and then take the straps straight down over your shoulders and bounce to take up all the slack.  
You can tie over the legs/bum or under, or if you have enough strap length you may prefer to twist them a few times in back and tie them in front. Make sure to always use a full knot.
Start by tying the Kozy on you front the way you would if baby were inside, only leave it loose.  You want there to be enough room to slip your baby into the body.  Then holding baby up on your shoulder, and the body of the Kozy out, slide baby down into the body.  Make sure to position their legs on either side of the body so that their bum is down, knees up (or if they are newborn position their legs inside accordingly).  You may need to pull up on the top of the Kozy to settle them down inside so that their bum is firmly planted in the pouch.  You will probably need to retie so that the Kozy is snug enough and the straps in a good place, though this can wait for a minute till you get to a place where it is easier to adjust it (like if it is raining out) With practice, if you can leave it just loose enough to slip baby in, you might not need to make too many adjustments after.
Pop em' In for Front Carry
This is especially convienant if it is cold out and you have the Kozy on under a coat, and don't want to take your coat off to get baby in and out.  It is also good if you are in a hurry or if it is say raining outside and you want to pop baby on in the car in order to stay dry.  Can be used for all ages.
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Wearing two babies at the same time!
Yes, it is possible to carry two of your children at the same time. Below is a pic showing this. I am working on instructions and new pictures showing this. Stay tuned!
How do you Kozy? Send us your pix! Maybe we'll post it here.
       trusting our instincts . . . holding our babies

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Atlanta, Georgia

We traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina for 2 months and we wore our Kozy daily. One of our weekend trips was to Uruguay. We are on the beach in Punta del Este.

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