Because 'instinct' tells us to hold our babies. They are safe and secure when they are close to us, listening to our heart beating, feeling the warmth of our skin. It's the natural thing to do.

The Kozy can be used by many different body types and sizes, even pregnant women. The straps can be worn numerous ways.A child of any size can be placed in several carries with their arms in or out. The body can be folded up for a smaller baby or wrapped around a smaller person to make it fit.


When you consider that the Kozy can be worn for years with your child, it's an exceptional VALUE!

I hope you get a kick out of this one! This is me (Kelley, 115 lbs) on my husband's back testing the strength of the Kozy. I was up there comfortably for about 15 minutes.

Of course I don't know which is stronger, my husband or the Kozy!!
"It (Kozy) is really a fabulous design,  anymore is too much, any less is not enough."
Bing Grant

Model/actress, Karla Jean Davis, enjoys giving a 'ride' to her niece, Piper.
2 kids in 2 Kozys
High back carry with 3 wk old!!!
Real Men Wear Kozys
10yr old girl carrying her sister in a pocket Kozy (neither the straps nor the body had been shortened)
Pregnant mama Kim, carrying Selah (nearly 2)
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       trusting our instincts . . . holding our babies

Kate Staelens
Atlanta, Georgia

We traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina for 2 months and we wore our Kozy daily. One of our weekend trips was to Uruguay. We are on the beach in Punta del Este.