Everything you need to know about the Kozy Carrier!
Designed by Kelley Mason, the Kozy Carrier is a modern version of the Asian Mei Tai, otherwise known as an Asian Baby Carrier (ABC). With wide padded shoulder straps, a padded curved head support, and sturdy durable fabrics, the Kozy was designed for the comfort of not only you but your child as well. And with its generous sized body, it not only supports your child throughout their legs, bum and back, but it is made to grow with your child. It can be used from birth through toddlerhood and beyond . . . making the Kozy GREAT value.

With the Kozy you can wear your little one on your backon your front facing in or out, or even on your hip. You can even breastfeed your little one in the Kozy in the front facing in position. And because of its versatility, the Kozy can be worn comfortably when pregnant.
The Kozy is a modern version of the Asian Mei Tai. Kelley added things to it to add in stability and comfort but was very cautious to keep the design true to the style . . . . simple, compact, and comfy

The design itself is amazingly simple. It's a rectangle of fabric with four fabric straps. You just tie it on. The short straps tie around your waist. The long (65") padded straps go over your shoulders or cross on your chest and then tie in the back or wrap around to tie in front. There are no buckles or gadgets to fool with.

Its 'simplicity' is what allows it to be so versatile. It will fit a huge range of body types and sizes and can be worn with a baby from the day they are born till well into their toddler years!!  

The Kozy has extra features that add to comfort without sacrificing the simple design. There is light padding in the wide straps and a lightly padded curved top to provide head support. We use extremely durable and strong fabrics which give the body the stability it needs to carry heavier weights comfortably. A secret pocket is included on the end of one of the straps, big enough to hold credit cards or money. The Kozy can also be worn reversible or you can get an optional pocket or XL straps (80" top; 40" bottom) if needed.

If you have a child who doesn't like being confined in the fabric and wants more freedom with their arms out, simply fold up the bottom to make the body shorter. This is also great for those hot days!! 
convenient and discreet hands free nursing
Seriously, I do. ;-) I made my first when my daughter was 5mo. I was desperate for a two shoulder carrier as I had very bad back pain. I wore her on my back for hours every day (and during her morning nap). All of my other slings (most of them also homemade) started gathering dust. And my back actually started feeling better! I have done nearly everything with my little one on my back, even pressure-washing a house on a hot summer day.
"The first time I put the Kozy on, it was like in a movie where a bright light shines down and a big chord plays. It just fit so wonderfully and my daughter was super comfy too."
Emily Q
berry picking
3 wks old
Sunshine wearing 2 yr old
Soloman in a Monroe.
  • The Kozy body consists of a rectangle of fabric with 4 straps coming off the corners

  •  No buckles or clips - you simply tie it on

  • Lightly padded curve of fabric at the top to provide head support

  • Wide shoulder straps lightly padded for your comfort

  • Made from  durable fabrics

  • Extremely versatile providing ultimate comfort for all body types and sizes

  • Generous body size is very supportive and allows it to grow with your child

  • Reversible option or add a large body pocket
I will concede that this carrier is not for everyone. It does have a small learning curve and if you are not willing to put a few minutes into learning how to use it then maybe it isn't for you. But I don't want to scare you away. Once you get the hang of tying baby on your back it becomes quite natural and you will be able to do it in seconds--- literally.
A word from Kelley Mason, the Kozy Carrier designer . . .
"What can I say, I love this carrier!!
The Kozy is truly the most comfortable carrier I have ever used. Because it holds baby's weight over both of your shoulders and your waist, you can really wear it for hours without discomfort (I know because I have). It also provides head support should your baby fall asleep! You can position a sleepy baby deep in the fabric for head support, or simply fold the bottom and let them sit up higher for a better view out or more freedom of movement.

Also, not all carriers mesh well with all body types. But carriers like this can be used by big and small, short and tall. What I have learned so far is that most people love these types of carriers.
I encourage everyone to do a bit of research on slings and carriers before making a purchase. There are so many out there to choose from and I want you to get one that is right for you. The Kozy is being worn by moms all over the world and chances are very good that it will also work for you. ;-)
Check out the 
Kozy Options

  • Solid color Kozy: Solid color body and straps, made with natural, black or canvas.

  • Printed Kozy: Solid color canvas for one side of body and straps, and a print fabric on the other side of the body, this allows you to wear your Kozy on the print side or the solid side.

  • Pocket Kozy: This is either a solid color or a printed Kozy with a large pocket. The pocket is large enough to hold cloth diapers and other accessories.  It can be either printed on a solid color Kozy (for a fashion statement!!) or printed on a printed body.  All pocket Kozys (whether solid or printed) have the back side of solid color canvas.

  • XL Straps: The standard Kozy straps fit to a size 20-24 and men 2-3x  (top straps approx 65" bottom straps approx 30").   XL straps are recommended for those who fall above these sizes, or anyone near these sizes who happens to also be very tall (top straps 80" bottom straps 40").
This Dad is wearing his wee babe deep inside of a solid color (natural) Kozy with a printed pocket
This is Kelley wearing Xian (above) and Piper (below) in a reversible Kozy.
All Kozys are made to order from 100% natural, black, or brown cotton canvas.   
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       trusting our instincts . . . holding our babies

Kate Staelens
Atlanta, Georgia

We traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina for 2 months and we wore our Kozy daily. One of our weekend trips was to Uruguay. We are on the beach in Punta del Este.

•Wear your child on your back, front, hip, or front facing out

•Extremely comfortable and versatile for all body types, holding baby's weight over both shoulders and your waist

•Wear the straps crossed on your chest or backpack style

•Wear your child from newborn to toddler years (or beyond)

•Provides head support for a small or sleeping baby

•Place baby's arms in for more support, or out for more freedom

•Nurse your baby hands free

•Folds down small - easy to transport